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Custom Hot Tubs

If you’re thinking of installing a hot tub in your yard, consider having a customized spa designed just for your family. Today’s hot tub designers and companies that specialize in home spas offer several types of spas, options to customize them, and ideas to help you create your very own backyard retreat.
Key to the process is assessing your family’s needs. There are three primary reasons why people opt to install a home spa: relaxation, exercise, and therapy. You can choose a spa that focuses mainly on one of these areas, or on a system that incorporates all three. As you decide what type of hot tub is best for your lifestyle, you may also want to consider ways of transforming your yard into a space that will complement your home spa. Even a small yard can accommodate a beautiful spa that’s sure to become a favourite gathering place for family and friends.

Home Spa Options

If you are thinking primarily of leisure and relaxation, you may want to choose a basic hot tub. But don’t let the word "basic” fool you! Hot tubs come in all sizes, shapes, and capacities, and can be customized with luxurious features. Many come with underwater LED lights for creating a magical atmosphere at night, or stereo surround sound systems. Some homeowners even like to include TV screens or Bluetooth capability. Others opt for features like waterfalls or fountains. Contact a company that specializes in providing home spas to find out more about available options, or to explore the possibility of working with a designer to create your own unique environment.
You may want to select a spa that offers massage therapy options. These hot tubs feature large and powerful jets that can be adjusted according to your needs. Whether you want to alleviate aches and pains or just relieve tense muscles, these hydrotherapy spas provide premium relaxation along with both soft and deep tissue massage. When choosing a massage spa, make sure to consider the pumps, the jets, and the plumbing. Flow rate (gallons per minute) and optimum pressure will provide the best massage experience. A massage therapy spa can be customized for people with health concerns, with features that make the tub easy to get into as well as individualized seating and jets.
If exercise is an important consideration for you, a swim spa is the perfect solution. To install a regulation-sized pool, you need a large yard – but virtually any yard can accommodate a swim spa. An adjustable current provides resistance and allows you to swim for as long as you like without having to stop to turn around. Aquatic exercise is easy on the joints, and you can enjoy everything from light stretching to a full body workout. Having a swim spa encourages every member of the family to get some exercise and improves overall health and fitness. You can customize the size, shape, and features of your swim spa to suit your lifestyle, with features such as fountain jets, lights, sound, control panels, accessories that allow you to row or lift weights, and much more.
If you’ve always dreamed of having a home spa, don’t hesitate to make your dream a reality by considering custom hot tubs. Create your perfect customized backyard spa oasis!

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